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What do affect the ball mill liner wearing?

1. Grinding media
Often grinding materials in a ball mill: all kinds of mining raw materials (copper ore, manganese ore,
manganese ore, chrome ore and other minerals), all kinds of non-metallic minerals (limestone, granite, gray rock, sheet grinding rocks, etc.), as well as coal used in the power industry. Medium hardness indicators decided liner wear failure, the higher hardness of the ore, the shorter of the liner life, and vice versa, using cycle will increase.
2. Job runs
1) the defect is not timely repaired, such as loose bolts falling off, individual liner fall off, if it is not
timely replacement, the defect will gradually spread, causing great damage to the other liner and cylinder.
2) feed is uneven, improperly adjusted, to appear short positions running state, cause the ball direct
friction and impact of the cylinder liner, the formation of two-body wear, the liner and the steel balls fragmentation, wear opportunity substantial increases, cause great damage to the liner, which is a very harsh operating mode.
3. ball mill liner material
The main parameters influencing the antiwear effect is the matching of the two indicators of the
hardness and impact toughness according to the physical properties of the liner material, the higher the hardness of the material, then the wear resistance, the better, may achieve a proportional relationship, so that ball mill during operation, the steel ball like a waterfall whereabouts of impact energy materials and lining, size depends on the size of the impact energy, the size of the diameter of the steel ball mill shell diameter.
4. ball mill design and installation technology
The liner has two roles, one to protect the cylinder, another is under specific speed ball raised to the
required height, the steel ball fall down like a waterfall, to achieve the desired effect. If the liner manufacturing poor quality, such as unevenness, the casting is not strong, the deformation of the cylinder wall, between the liner and the liner, the liner and the tubular wall of the installation does not match and the casting defect itself, the mechanical properties, chemical composition, does not reach a passing requirements, etc. These are direct factors affecting the normal operation of the ball mill.

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